My Musings as a Fresh College Graduate

Graduation. The day where you feel that you achieved everything in life, where your goals are achieved, diploma obtained and made yourself and your parents proud. When I graduated almost two months ago, I felt that I have reached a point where I know that I have been successful with my life. I really felt pride in myself that I have a diploma which I can look at and say to myself that ” This is the end. I did it!”

And a month later, I was proven so wrong.

It dawned to me that the real world isn’t about the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and the moon up above. It is about looking for post-graduate studies and looking for a job so that you can have your own money and sustain yourself and also help your family. The real world is a harsh place where if you lack the guts and the initiative to survive, you will be eaten alive.  My naivety was shattered and  developed a more pragmatic and realistic viewpoint of life. Or maybe I was too sensitive to begin with, I should change. These are the things that I realized post-graduation, and many more.

And most of all, I realized that life is not about having the best, it is about making the best of what you have. I have earned this diploma, and I will prove it to the world that I am someone who will make his mark someday, somehow.

Good day to all!

My Musings as a Fresh College Graduate

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