In love with the SJCAM M20!

Good day! This is my first post after a hiatus of 3 years and it will be about a camera I fell in love with, the SJCAM M20!

I really wanted a camera in which I can bring anywhere and use anytime. The first camera that usually comes into mind is a GoPro Hero, which is an amazing product. But unfortunately, I do not have enough cash to buy that. Instead, I chose this camera because it is affordable and at the same time, it is a quality product.

The one thing which makes this camera very attractive and cool for me is its form. It has an unusual shape which I really like (unlike the usual rectangular action cams). I also like its price and it has many accessories 🙂

The camera’s features can be found at

Here is the camera:


Here are some pictures  I took using the SJCAM M20 .I really like the quality. I hope you guys do so too.

These photos are taken at various resorts in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines(Crimson Hotel, BE Resorts)


This camera costs $119 dollars at the offical SJCAM website, but you can buy this camera at Lazada for 4,700 Philippine pesos! I tell you, this camera is  a bang for the buck 🙂

If you have any questions and suggestions, feel free to comment! Have a great day!

In love with the SJCAM M20!

Excited for Assassin’s Creed 3 on PC!


Assassin’s Creed 3 is part of a super awesome game franchise made by Ubisoft! The thing which makes this game really quite famous is because the characters and story are cool. The  game play is also quite new(if you really haven’t played many assassinate-a-certain target games) and is nicely packaged into an eye-popping interface which is sure to attract gamers  to try and play it. When you play this game, it serves also as a fun history lesson. The story line of the previous Assassin’s Creed games, for example, Assassin’s Creed 1 – is about the Crusades and Assassin’s Creed 2- is set in the Renaissance.

In my own experience playing Assassin’s Creed 1 and 2, despite sometimes experiencing glitches and the like, I really enjoyed the unique game style. I like playing it because I really became immersed in the story line and to tell you honestly, I loved the characters and I can relate to their problems they experience. Despite the characters doing quite impossible feats like climbing in very high towers, they can still show their human side and that is what really makes me like this game.

Assassin’s Creed 3 is recommended for everyone, you will really enjoy it!

Excited for Assassin’s Creed 3 on PC!

Facebook Games.


(Cityville by Zynga)

Yes, Facebook games flood your notifications with game requests and it get really annoying. It is really an eyesore to see these notifications, and it can really get on your nerves. But when you look at it from a different perspective, Facebook games themselves are a good way in wasting time and serve as outlets of frustration due to daily stress.

The simplicity and the easiness of these types of games make them very popular to a wide audience. For example, let me talk about the game CityVille. First-time players  go through an in-depth tutorial which educates the player and which results in an enjoyable experience.

If you are an avid Facebook user, why not try these games out?

Facebook Games.

Minecraft is Fun!

Minecraft. This game is so popular that 7 million have purchased it. It is so fun!


(LOL, being surrounded by cows)

Minecraft is a game wherein you can do whatever you want and build structures only limited to your mind’s imagination. When I was introduced to this game, I really thought that it will be boring because of the lack of proper “circles” and the game really consists of squares. But as time passes, I learned to love this game because it really awakens the child in me and lets it run free. When I play this game, I feel a sense of satisfaction when I finally find those ULTRA RARE diamonds or kill Creepers which can explode in my face.

(Creeper, f*** you for destroying my house and exploding near me. -_-)

The creeper is an enemy unit in Minecraft. Players hate it because it always ambushes them and explodes, either killing/damaging the player and/or destroying structures made with love. Whenever you play Minecraft, always watch your surroundings.
Minecraft is also a good game because you can mine resources and use them to make tools to fulfill a variety of needs, like:

  • You can mine stone and craft them with sticks to make a hoe or a pickaxe, which is useful
  • Resources can be used to make a variety of structures, ranging from a simple 1×1 tower to structures that are majestic and beautiful which are aesthetically pleasing to the human eye.

Yes, my friends, if there is the good, there is also the bad. Minecraft’s biggest con for me is that it really has no “tutorial” bundled within the game itself. The game has quite a steep learning curve and for the beginner, means a very tiring climb to the top. In my opinion in Minecraft(Single Player), the villagers really do not act like villagers at all. They don’t plant seeds, make homes, and stuff that ordinary humans do. They just simply go out at morning, get in their home at night, and trade with you for emeralds. I hope that the villagers will be made more realistic in the future updates.

Overall, this game is exhilarating and fun, and I recommend it to any gamer out there. It will blow your mind:)
If you are interested but don’t know what to do, here are a couple of Youtube videos to help you: – How to Survive your First Night in Minecraft – How to Thrive in Minecraft– Official Site of Minecraft

Minecraft is for you and me! 🙂

Minecraft is Fun!